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Did you ever bully anyone at school?


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  • Did you ever bully anyone at school?

    I was reading this article on bullying the other day, and remembered my days at high school, where I was neither popular nor bullied, but a bit of an outcast. I had my small group of close friends but otherwise kept pretty much to myself. Between the ages of 12-13, I had NO friends in any of my classes and it was a very lonely and self-conscious time. After that, I met my best friend and made other good friends, and life was pretty sweet.

    Anyway, I also remembered that when I first met my best friend (who is still my best friend now, 20 years later), I treated her terribly. She was very overweight and I used to call her names, yelling out stuff like "HEY, FAT BUFFALO!" across the school yard. I once stood behind a tree and threw leaves at her while she was talking to a teacher. I also once squashed a pear in her hair. Yep, smushed it right into the top of her head. She chased me in fury, but I was too fast as I was a thin little thing and she was...not.

    How we became best friends a month later I do not know.

    So! Anyone here ever bullied people at school?
    All things must pass...

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    I think everyone has at some point. It's just nowadays people get more butt hurt about it.

    My stories:

    A girl in seventh grade named Hagitha and we called her Hogitha, because she was fat.

    I would carry that lip balm you can squirt from a tube and squirt it all over the backs of the vocational students as they went to the bus.

    One guy in particular I always ****************ed with, I poured syrup all in his locker which ruined his stuff. Put gum in his padlock for his locker. Would squirt ketchup packs in his locker through the vents. Destroyed 2 of his mailboxes. Pranked his mom over the phone telling her I was her sons gay lover who just found out that I had AIDS. Posted dudes info on a BBS board (dial up days guys) and said that he sucked dick. And on and on and on.


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      Wow. That's...quite severe about the AIDS thing!

      My best friend and I once put laxatives in some cookies and left them in this horrible popular girl's locker. She ate them and then later we heard her telling her bitchy friends how she was on the toilet all night. MWAHAHA! lol
      All things must pass...


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        I got a little , I gave a little. I regret all the cruel things I've done in life. My guilt weighs on me like a stone chained to my neck. I'm sorry for my wrongs, sincerely. I hope no one need suffer for me ever again.
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          If I was bullied I could hold my own. peeps F!@k with me all the time, learn how to stand up for yourself, as a kid and adult.

          There f!@king around with my paycheck at work right now. I have the last laugh on this one. They either give me what they owe me, or I'm head of to a second appeal.

          They should let me know what they decide on Nov 14th. I want my back pay too, and I get it. No guts no glory, I have nothing to lose.
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            Picked on some and I picked back...typical stuff. I was a chubby kid...always had weight issues. So on occassion I'd hear the usual name calling..fat fat the water that. I would stick up for myself or just let it go. Had some fights here and there so I got some street cred from that. When in the boy scouts the same happened...I also had some friends there. One day at one of these mini jamboree things involving other stranger troops there was a tug of war game. In the wisdom of my troop pals since i was bigger I was made the anchorman. So there I was with the loop at the end of the rope around my waist tugging along with the rest of the troop for dear life. We won...and being the anchorman I went from being the fat kid in the troop to being the secret weapon to be unleashed against all other troops at all further tug of war games. I became some what popular. I soon became known as *Smokey The Bear" and of course found a distinct bear neckacheif to wear. The other boys would often come to defend me and tell tales of horror regarding my strength to anyone who would try to give me ****************. You know...I'm glad I wasnt raised a wimp. My willingness to try to get along and fit in somehow really was the secret weapon.


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              In 1st grade, there was a little black kid who's Mom always dressed him in pants with elastic instead of a belt. All the kids, especially the
              girls loved to chase him and pull his pants down. I know I did it once, and then felt I tried to stop other kids from doing it. He finally
              had to wear pants with a belt, tho....
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                that was me


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                  that was me

                  You had a nice ass....EVERYONE said so.
                  It's not a lie if you believe it~ Art Vandalay
                  Free your mind, and your ass will follow~G. Clinton


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                    I was bullied by an entire middle school for a nickname my brother gave me. I can tell you know it was how I handled it. I hate today's bully bull****************. Kids need to be able to handle the bullying and grow a pair.
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                      Once when I was 8 or 9 I kinda roughed up a kid who screamed like a banshee. I had an epiphany. Hurting other people is bad. Some people never realize this. Or care to realize this. Some of them are quite high functioning individuals. I still feel bad about it to this day and wish it had never happened. I'm sorry I bashed his head against the wall.


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                        My high school was quite civilized and even the popular jock crowd did not engage in that type of behavior.
                        I think anyone who did would have been ostracized quite quickly, but it never happened.

                        My elementary and jr high yrs were a different story tho. It was quite common.
                        I was often subject to attempts at it, as I was an A student and my father taught there, and was even principal for a while.
                        I got a reputation quickly tho as someone slow to anger but a cold blood killer when crossed.
                        Someone messed with me more than once, there was a fight, and a real one.
                        Whipping later from the old man or not, I demanded respect.
                        I lost as many as I won but gained respect.
                        No one messed with me from about the 3rd grade on, unless they were new. And if they were new, they learned pretty quickly.

                        I was so glad to leave that redneck place when I started high school.


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                          You had a nice ass....EVERYONE said so.

                          he still has a nice ass...
                          my p0asting days were numb bird... now im done... bye.


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                            Unfortunately I must admit I was something of a bully in school, in part as I detested school as a whole and found that I was basically sitting in class learning things I had already learnt for myself anyway. So I started 'acting up' so to speak, generally picking on the first year students who irritated me a great deal, as a way to basically get rid of my boredom.
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                              I never bullied anyone that I can recall, and I had enough balls to take care of myself when it was directed at me.

                              I do regret not standing up for some other innocents tho. There were times when I did not stand up for people to avoid retaliation toward myself.
                              In retrospect, that was cowardly and selfish.