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I and the new man, chapter one


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  • I and the new man, chapter one

    Ronald Ferguson, a retired dentist from Cincinnati Ohio lie quietly in in his bed trying to sleep . the muffled sound of rain outside irritated him. It was 2:36 AM, the fart chief had fallen and could not give up on getting up. Kid chief kept calling but the fart chief did not reach the phone. Ronald Ferguson thought to finish off a fifth of jack Daniels to help him sleep then decided not to. Emerald room, its were Ronald Ferguson was issued a warrent his arrest . On November 16, 1974 Ronald Ferguson jumped into the Chattahoochee River than climbed onto the bank and wiped mud on his genitals . he masturbated frantically. He was sexually aroused by the gooey mud and that drove him to jam a dead rat he found into his anus .He was high on drugs , did I mention that?

    Manish alderman reported him to the police. The Steven Johnson then if this sounds as this shift that and then she she uses the


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    nice story wert


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      nice story wert


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          I love that story.

          It's not a lie if you believe it~ Art Vandalay
          Free your mind, and your ass will follow~G. Clinton


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            teh end.

            ok...taht sucked purdy gudly- w;wretch... try agin two marrow...
            my p0asting days were numb bird... now im done... bye.


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              Chapter two

              Chuck Patterson, a retired highway patrolman originally from Columbus Ohio currently residing in Peoria Illinois got a telephone call from Ron Ferguson on the evening of October 12, 1983. Ron and chuck were old friends. Ron used to do chucks dental work before retirement. And they played pool in ronald's basement. Ronald have an old Brunswick pool table. It had the old style leather pockets. They drank beer and sucked on lollipops. Ronald usually won. This this would anger Charles, who is a sore loser and many of the games ended with bad feelings .

              The telephone call awakened Charles in the wee wee hours. This angered him, Charles had a short fuse but have enough strength to overcome his internal rage. " could you please help me pleaded Ronald?" Charles could hear the urgency in his voice and knew something terribly was wrong.

              To be continued