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Straight fairytales anger Islington residents


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  • Straight fairytales anger Islington residents

    ISLINGTON, UK (Rooters) -- Children as young as four are being taught about heterosexual relationships through fairytales and storybooks with "straight" characters.

    "This is tantamount to child abuse," said Stephen Green, director of the secular campaign group Darwinist Voice. "To have children indoctrinated with he-te-ro-sexual propaganda is an abuse of the trust parents place in schools. The whole project is nothing more than propaganda aimed at primary school children to make them sympathetic to he-te-ro-sexuality."\%22Straight\_fairytales\%22\_anger\_Isling ton\_residents


    We find this appaling!



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    Islington is stab central UK.


    An awful place to live unless you are


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      What bothers me more is I'm not surprised. I suppose they would prefer that children are taught they are born from a huge pumpkin at the Halloween parade in "The Village"?