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    Our good antipodean friend Kunac is experiencing difficulty accessing the site; I do not know whether this is because he has lost his old e-mail login. He himself seems to be of the opinion that he is banned. I hope you can rectify this situation forthwith. In the meantime I'm keeping a bleary eye on my "hello playmates" thread just to see how many replies it garners. Friday nights will never be the same...

    "Now you've opened a whole sheetload of pain on everyone here, with all your black pudding insaneness." - Zygoat2

    "I'm excited. Nothing turns chicks on more than a fat guy with a flying V playing Monkees songs!" - Sydfan

    "Phuck you and your pseudo toaster." - Silas Dean

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    He needs to get off the crabsticks. Tell him to submit his email at the prompt to recover passwords they will send him an email with the new registration link.

    No longer Banned by the Geezer Gear Forum for liking pubic hair on women.


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      kunac is a twatwaffle