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Goodbye forever ya **bleep** fluke Brady


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  • Goodbye forever ya **bleep** fluke Brady

    ..or should I say "Fraidy"? You wrere so the **bleep** scared of Lweis knocking your pretty boy teeth ouit you couldnt function!

    You wrere a fluke, you are a fluke, and you will go down in history as the wrolds greatetst ..FLUKE!


    Thank the **bleep** gawd you wont be runing another superbowl( not that the **bleep** Bob Costas doesnt already do that).

    Don't come back next year Brady, or we will hurt ya!


    BTW, IM picking Ravens all the way!

    Free my Willy

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    I don't know about a fluke, but i'm kind of glad they're not in it.  But, who wants the transported Cleveland Browns in it either?


    Ray Lewis with a sleeveless Art Modell t-shirt.:catlol:


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      Kinda cool in the end the SB will be Ray Lewis's last game.


      Nice way to go out, even though I would have love to have seen the pats in the SB


      Now I have Beyonce to look forward too at the 1/2 time event

      I better listen to som eof her material and do some catching up on what she does

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