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These boards look weird on my Firefox..


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  • These boards look weird on my Firefox..

    ..which is why I've hated it for the last few days, but I've just discovered that it looks qyite nice on my old IE browser. I can't find out what is set different. On Firefox it looks like just a bunch of HTML text, but I can't figure out how to switch it over. Checking and un-checking the HTML box on here doesn't do anything.
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    I've read a couple posts about issues on Firefox.

    If you can quantify it in writing, I'd strongly suggest entering a bug over in the Feedback forum (under General forums). Those developers need to know if they have compatabillity issues. So far, I don't think I've seen anyone formally complain over there (Feedback) about Firefox.





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      Try Chrome with Stylebot

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        I used to use FF and like it, but now it's all about chrome.


        I didn't even put FF on this pc, nor my work one.