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Very cold here. I don't like cold anymoar.


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  • Very cold here. I don't like cold anymoar.

    Well, it isn't very easy to make a new thread. :womanindifferent:


    The cold is making my boans hurt.


    This new look hurts my eyes to look at. :womanfrustrated:

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    Well, this is great; the stupi forum is already not working well, in the same manner as the old one.



    Just great.


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      It's different and a lil harsh on the eyeballs.

      Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.

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        I'm a little warmer now; much happier.

        I think I just went through a major trough of depression. Out of it now, mostly.

        I need to start tracking the troughs & see if it's a cyclic thang.