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So, why is my post count wrong?


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  • So, why is my post count wrong?

    I don't really care, but why is it off by 4K?

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    Adjusted for inflation


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      Mine's off by over 20,000, and I even put my post count in my sig last Saturday, cause I knew they'd f!@k it up. The took that out of my post count too.

      The rest of my sig is there, what gives on that?
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      Because your parents didn't love each other 


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        HC has been quietly counting every potential double poast you made in vBull****************tin and is awarding you an elevated poast count for your trouble.

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      because you put a mouse in your **bleep**


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        Tuco is Richard Gere? :womanindifferent:

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      Post Count Test:

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      Originally Posted by MrKnobs

      Dick? I'm TRENT ****************ING BALE!

      Terry D.

      Originally Posted by Braverhund

      ...I'm gonna kick your mittens ass


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        was this forum designed for 6 year olds?

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      Mine is off by about 10-11,000.

      Originally posted by MrKnobs
      God, that's beautiful man! And they say romance is dead!