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Did you know cats only meow...


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  • Did you know cats only meow...

    when people are around? It's true.

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    unclefred wrote:

    when people are around? It's true.

    Not only that...some cats dont meow. Theres a clicking, chirping sound that they use in communications among other cats. Some cats will continue to talk cat even to humans. When they do that some say its cause they like you. I have no clue how anyone has figured these things out but I can tell you my inside kitten Inky is a chirper and so is one of my outside strays Tiger Face Jr. I have noticed the other strays will meow at me and chirp at each other when vocal...So I guess theres something to it. 


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      I did not know that.

      One of my cats sits in the window and tries to mimic the sounds the birds outside are making.

      I can also bend notes as I do voulume swells on a stratocaster and, if they are in his range, the cat will sing the same notes back to me - he has a very good sense of pitch. We like to jam like this several times a week.

      btw, my cat's name is "Strat."

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        cats don't meow. there's actually a rabbit trapped inside every cat, and the 'meow' sound is actually the rabbit saying "let me out"