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Disappointed amateur

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  • Disappointed amateur

    I'm mostly a lurker on this board but post occassionally.  However, I'm embarrassed by how upset I was by this, so I

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    Welcome to the music biz.


    You will see and hear many stories unfortunately typical of yours. I have driven hours to arrive at PAYING gigs to find that I was not playing that night, as the singer booked the wrong night. Didn't get paid, etc. Disappointed amateurs and disappointed professionals all get it up the ___ all the time because of lack of respect and typical boneheaded **bleep**.


    For you to enjoy yourself, you are going to have to not take it seriously at all, and laugh it off, and come back around and try it somewhere else.  It is what it is.

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    • Cougarsinger
      Cougarsinger commented
      Editing a comment

      Thanks all, for your comments.  Especially Bandard, for helping me keep my sense of perspective.  I'm pretty sure the guy honestly was in over his head, and I'm just being whiny.  


      I'm not going to let it spoil my fun!

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    Sounds like a really bad case of poor organization. The organizer got more than he anticipated and wasn't able to manage it all. And that ended up pissing some people off.

    What he should have done is have a first come, first serve sort of deal. Set up a few slots for bigger bands and let amateurs and smaller acts fill in the others as the accepted the offer. A lot of better wags he could have handled the situation.


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      Bad organization. Why not let the amateurs first?

      Support ugly musicians.


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        I would let him know in no uncertain terms that I did not appreciate the rude treatment and wasting of my time.
        You don't invite someone to perform and then ignore them and expect them to remain a friend and supporter.


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          Cougarsinger wrote:

          I'm mostly a lurker on this board but post occassionally.  However, I'm embarrassed by how upset I was by this, so I