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Any musicians at your place of work?


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  • Any musicians at your place of work?

    At mine there is one woman who sings in a choir, other than her. ..nobody else does music.





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    purplez wrote:

    At mine there is one woman who sings in a choir, other than her. ..nobody else does music.





    I play guitars and "sing" with one of my coworkers on occasion, and a guy across the aisle from me plays guitar and we talk guitars a lot...we've been talking about jamming but it never has happened yet.

    Of course, there are no pringle canists quite as accomplished as I am around here, but the guy in the cube behind me plays a pretty mean coffee cup

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      A couple of my coworkers can get through their cowboy chords, but we've never gotten together. Now, a couple members at the golf club play; there's one guy who's like in his late forties or early fifties who's taking guitar lessons, and he's always telling me what he's working on, stuff like "People Get Ready" and "More Than Words." The guy I'm really interested in plays jazz piano and sax, we talk jazz theory sometimes. He's like in his late sixties or early seventies, drives a 911 convertable. He told me he's got a Kurzweil baby grand at the house. I'd love to get together with him, maybe play some bass under, or try to improvise over his changes.

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    where i live and occassionaly are employed,all the blokes are musicians.the boss plays tenor,both engineers are bass players,the old guy that does the sawing playes gitare,i myself and eye can hold a beat on the drums,when im not drilling holes.the tea lady can do backup vocals at a pinch, if she has a couple of vinos.our piano player would work here to if he wasnt retired.he would probably bo on light duties as hes a bit frail.cherdoy.

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