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Taylor Swift is country music?

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  • Taylor Swift is country music?

    She was described as a 'country artist' on the radio a while ago...



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    She is part of the "new country" sound. It's a bit pop sounding to me. On the other hand, I'm rarely upset by another pretty face onstage.


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      purplez wrote:

      She was described as a 'country artist' on the radio a while ago...



      Maybe her first couple of cd's had a lil country folks vibe to it, but she's quickly moving away from that. I don't think the big executives in Nashville care, cause she si making them a lot of money.

      Many of the so called counytry stuff on the big radio stations isn't exactly what you call old skool country and is what they are calling heartland music, which covers a lot of rock territory. Sringsteen vibe to Bon Jovi area.


      At one time country was pretty much void of drums, todays country as in a lot of pop it's all about the big drum sound, and the vocalist ( with a little twang), blend the other instruments in to tatse. 





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        She was at first and thats where she sounded her shes pop and following the money. Can ya blame her? I cant!