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  • Watch you wear?

    Traser, 300 ft of water capable. Green dial face. Look it up and you will covet this watch...

    Maybe I can see your watch? Show me your little watch won't you?

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    I have no watch.


    Now I am sad.



    • Voltan
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      why would anyone wear some big worthless dumb piece of **************** on their wrist?


      watches are for morons...


      big watches are ghey...

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    I can't stand any jewelry on my hands or wrists.


    But, I DO wear my watch...only because it's beyond awesome.  :manwink:


    • purplez
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      Watch yoo talkin bout willis?

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    A number of words mean "fool" in various keys. A brinjah is a comical person; to brinja is to play the fool. Fool can be an adjective meaning foolish: "Cho, man! You too fool!" - or as the abstract noun, foolishness: "De whol a de nex week Wasp wid him fool fly up an dung."—Frederic G. Cassidy


    • Belva
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      I wear elcheapo Timex watches. Mine haz a ten year battery. when it dies I'll buy another elcheapo Timex watch.

      If I'm still alive.