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Texas secessionist movement fights on


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  • Texas secessionist movement fights on

    I hadn't heard anything about it for a while, but apparently it's not over yet.

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    They should get Florida and South Carolina to join up. They could re-institute trade with Cuba after they depose Castro. Great vacation properties for investment down there. Heck, I might even go there in the winter instead of Mexico.

    Texas and Florida wouldn't be afraid to pull a Bay of Pigs. Lots of angry Cuban ex-pats.
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      My thoughts on Tay-has succeeding?   




      Workin' for the man with money in his hand.


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        The punchline is...if they were allowed...they'd have to come up with a 50th of the current debt to get out . That would be a sizable amount of scratch these days.

        Aint gonna happen!