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Anyone familiar with KEF hifi speakers?

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  • Anyone familiar with KEF hifi speakers?

    I just put a downpayment on these:

    KEF Q100

    Of the ones I demoed at the hifi store, including PSB, and Cerwin Vega, they were the best sounding speakers by far. I plan on getting a sub to accompany them. Anyone familar with the brand?



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    I have had KEF Speakers on my stereo for 25 years, Good stuff.

    My mains are bookshelf style ones, and I added some rears and a center speaker when I moved to a dolby system, The Boston Acoustic sub I had bit the dust and I haven't replaced it yet.


    UK made, I think you'll enjoy them.


    Mine don't have the best bass responds, but they came with coupling bass stands.

    Lot of good speakers out there, in that range, Polk is a good company, Klipsch.


    When i wanted a second set of speakers for reference I bought some KRK's ( made in china by a FLA company, but I think Gibson bought out the company recently)


    Let your ears be your judge

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      If you've had them for 25 years that's all I need to know...I tend to hold onto stuff until it falls apart, like my 20 year old Teac S-300s which are just now sounding a little tired and ragged.

      You're right about the preponderance of quality speakers out there, it was tough to decide what to get.