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bought some tenderised bbq steak yesterday


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  • bought some tenderised bbq steak yesterday

    it was mostly sinew and grissle.mind you it was $5.65 for about two servings.i wanted some eye fillet or scotch but both were rediculous prices.ffs! ...isnt that what we do down ere...grow cows and sheep.somethings wrong when  brian is eating better than me.

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    Get the stuff from a butcher and keep away from supermarkets. Good cuts of meat are a horrendous price here as well but supermarket stuff is generally ****************e - cheap rubbish packed in such a way that it looks fine in the pack but when you get it home you find the big hidden dollop of gristle that makes up half its weight.

    Ould Mrs. BP (the Ma), God rest her, was the bane of the butchers in town. If she found any inedible bits on a cut of meat she'd bring them back to the shop and demand that the weight be taken off the price of the next cut. They were all so terrified of her that we dined like royalty.

    Tomorrow I'm going to spend a fiver on minced beef and I'll make a cottage pie that'll keep us going for a couple of days. It'll be proper beef as well - none of this stuff with horse in it.
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      tou are right about the butcher thing BP but these days they are as rare as rocking horse do you make the pie?i might try that altho today im tempted to do a lasagna.