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Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour at SCI Healthcare -Families We Helped


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  • Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour at SCI Healthcare -Families We Helped

    The SCI Healthcare team feels privileged to meet many wonderful people from around the world. We are all proud of the contribution we make in helping our clients realise their dream of becoming parents. Below are some words from our international surrogacy family.

    Our Mantra: Strong healthy hearts are growing with mine!
    It is very hard to put into words the transfer of one's emotions and trust to someone we didn't know and hadn't met. I suppose our trust in humanity and the want to desperately expand our family made us pursue Surrogacy and go through SCI and Dr Shivani. Even as we arrived in Delhi questioning what on earth we had done the minute we met Dr Shivani we knew we would have the best opportunity to achieve success.

    We are not only grateful for our children but the opportunity to learn about another culture with the guidance of such a caring and talented team. Dr Shivani is invested in achieving success for all her clients and totally understands the journey that IP's have endured prior to starting with SCI.

    The journey, if successful is full of anxiety but the SCI team is willing to allay the fears as quickly as possible with clear communication. We constantly reassure ourselves that if something was wrong we would know about it. No news is good news. Our Surrogate was treated with such respect and her family thanked us for allowing her the opportunity and I could not grasp this at all until Dr Shivani reminded me that we have helped each other. It is hard to understand the beautiful gift of our daughter was a gift to both families.

    We would without hesitation recommend Dr Shivani and SCI to any person who needed their help. SCI is a place where everyone's needs are met which is crucial in such an environment. The case officers attached to SCI are a key component of the information sharing process and instill confidence when clients are unsure of pursuing their dreams in another country. This is an integral part of the success of SCI especially with Westerners who are unsure of the practices/culture of India. We will miss India and look forward to taking our children back to the country and people that assisted us in giving them life.

    We are eternally grateful to Dr Shivani for using her gift to help not only us, but so many other families. I consider her a part of our family and will always think of her so fondly. Our experience was so positive we tried again and our expecting twins to add to our family.



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