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NOK NOVUM - Debut Self-Titled Album (Free) - Constructive Feedback Appreciated!


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  • NOK NOVUM - Debut Self-Titled Album (Free) - Constructive Feedback Appreciated!

    My experimental/progressive metal band, NOK NOVUM, released its debut self-titled album August 25th 2012.



    Official Website (to download .zip free)

    Bandcamp (stream/download free or name your price)

    SoundCloud (stream/download free)

    It is also available for $9.99 on iTunes/amazon/etc.


    Huge thanks to Adam Nolly Getgood, Alan Sacha Laskow, and Mike MacKenzie for their guest solos and Nolly's Mastering job!

    Hope people dig this, if so, please feel free to share it around. If not, oh well!

    If you dig it you can like us on facebook too!


    Here are a few play-through videos to check out:

    NOK NOVUM - Haga Doesn't Marta (Guitar Playthrough) - YouTube

    NOK NOVUM - GOKOR! (Brady Mason tracking drums) - YouTube


    Some nerdy info for my fellow gear nerds:

    We recorded this over the last couple years due to our busy work-lives with tonnes of technical issues and problems along the way, but we made it through and although the album is far from perfect, we are very proud of it and are excited to develop our band with the new material and new skills acquired from this first time recording project.

    Drums/guitars tracked to Apple Logic 9 with many interfaces over the years including 2 x Steinberg MR816 CSX, RME Babyface, 2 x RME Fireface 800. Steinberg MR816 CSX is our favourite and we still own one.

    Drums used were YAMAHA Custom Maple.

    Symbals were all Sabian; mostly the Paragon series.

    Mics for drums were cheap Apex tom-mic kit, a few Shure SM57's, two cheap pencil condensers for the overheads, and an AKG D112 for the kick which was replaced with a Superior 2.0 sample. The tom/snare drum hits were then mapped out and samples were very subtly layered about 25% in with Superior 2.0.

    Guitars/Bass were recorded entirely with the Fractal Audio AXE-FX Ultra and a little bit of the AXE-FX II using OwnHammer IR's exclusively.

    Guitars used on the album were PRS Custom 24 Artist w/BKP Nailbomb Pickups, PRS SE Mike Mushok Baritone w/BKP Painkiller Pickups, G&L L-2000 Tribute, Seagull Performer Mini Jumbo Acoustic


    Fractal Audio Systems

    OwnHammer Impulses

    PRS Guitars

    Bareknuckle Pickups

    G&L Guitars

    Seagull Guitars


    If anyone else has any questions feel free to ask.

    Rig: AxeFX II | Matrix GT1000FX | (2) Port City 2x12OS-V (WGS ET-65+Vet30) | MFC-101 | 2 x Mission EP-1
    Guitars: PRS Custom 24 Artist | Carvin DC800 | Fender Spalted Tele | G&L Tribute L-2000

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    liked it...apart from the banjo bits.could have used more frech horn imo

    the world is your crabstick


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      haha thanks???