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I'm having hot cross nuns.

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  • I'm having hot cross nuns.

    The taoiseach has refused to aplogise properly for the state's collusion in the shameful and scandalous "Magdalen Laundries" run by the nuns. These institutions were basically workhouses where women were incarcerated and abused whilst they did slave labour. Now our gutless prime minister has issued a rambling and waffling statement to the effect of "kiss my arse - I don't give a ****************". What a wanker. If he was a man he'd have the nuns responsible rounded up and have them shagged by elephants until their eyes popped out.

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    I like pizza!
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      hey! there is absolutely no need to parody my hot cross buns thread! sarcasim is a sad form of humour and im deeply disappointed that a person as astute as our esteemed BP would stoop to such depths.did i happen to mention that its waitangi day,which means a day off work,and which therefore means a bloke is allowed a little "me" time, and therefor means a bloke can have whatever he feels like for dinner(havnt decided yet),and maybe a scotch or three,if said bloke so chooses to or not.hopefully the primesinister,john the donkey key,wont be assaulted this year,as has happened in past years.