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I got rid of Norton.


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  • I got rid of Norton.

    Feel free to flood my computer with viruses, worms and trojans. I am still defended against such horrors by new software called Avast. It's free. What I didn't like about Norton was that it "renewed" my "subscription" every year by swiping

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    Avast is better, it uses less memory and doesn't act like a virus. It's only free for a year though.
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      My earlier computer had Norton that was buried so deep into the hard drive, I couldn't expunge it completely so other antivirus programs couldn't be installed. 

      Now, when I buy a new computer/laptop, one of my conditions before I fork over the money for the computer is that their technician has to remove Norton completely from the computer. 

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        When the time comes to pay for Avast I'll get rid of it and get something else.