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  • Chris Kyle

    With all due respect to him, his service to the country and to his fellow veterans...I have to wonder how wise it is to practice amature psychology, particularly by exposing victims of severe post traumatic stress syndrome, inflicted by battle, to guns and gunfire :manfrustrated:   I don't know nothin' 'bout no psychiatratin', but it somehow doesn't surprise me that a psychotic break might result from that "treatment".

    Tone is in the sphincter!! Pull my finger!

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    Yes..I'm sure this has now calmed down all the politicians and parents dropping children off at school!


    • Pigger
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      OK, so I googled Mr. Kyle. Seems like a tragic miscalculation on his part, taking someone w/ PTSD to a shooting range.


      I have taken many people out shooting for their first time; I'm always very careful about who I invite. Although you never know; anyone could go stupid/crazy/whatever on ya at any time.


      R.I.P., Chris.