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Here is a picture of my drums.


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  • Here is a picture of my drums.

    You can't see it, but I assure you that it is quite spectacular.


    I wish you were here to see it with me. I miss you.


    Spoon me?


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    I can see them and you can haz spoon.


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      *drumsturbates flamadiddily*
      my p0asting days were numb bird... now im done... bye.


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        My drum set looks kinda like this, but it's in a see through amber yellow color.


        I can't remember when I bought it, but it was in the late 90's. I had gone through a couple of drum machines and could never get them to sound quite right.


        I spent just as much money on used cymbals. I could believe how costly they were. I have a The good stuff sounds good and the bad stuff sounds really bad. I have Evans head on the kit. Zildjain K ride and a K crash, the hh is by Sabin, and is some Jack DeJohnette signature model. I had actually never heard of the guy before owning the kit

        I actually didn't know how to play the drums at the time, but a friend of mine that was going through a divorce left his vintage Ludwig kit at my house and after like a year of looking at it I sat down on the thing and worked on keeping a beat. The drums have this high learning curve to get the whole groove thing happening. A month later I bought my won kit, cause I didn't want to break or damage my buddies kit.  I'm still not that good, but i'm happier with real drums than I was ever with a drum machine.


        I'm always adding stuff  here and there.

        The hardware is really nice on the Premier kit, but I have seen better, on real pricey custom stuff.


        I just purchased waht I like the sound of naturally. I can then take mics and try to get that on to the recorder. Ijust use the old Gyn Johns method of micing. I'm not a huge fan of close micing, but I understand why peeps do it. 



        Make music with real instruments and musicians, not machines

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