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    There wasn't enough LSD in all of the bay area to make THAT band interesting....pfft.....


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    In retrospect, yes. For 99% of the crowd, the actual music was the last reason that you went to a concert. They were like the macro version of everyone's favorite hometown band, warts and all. Some nights, they surprised you and actually caught hold of something, however briefly.  

    Let that boy boogie woogie. It in him, an' it got to come out.


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      My drummer went to more shows than many Deadheads, but he was only there for the partying. He doesn't really care much for their music. Of course, we make him play it anyway. :catwink:

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    Damn hippies
    This is my signature. No one would ever know, though, because it looks just like my post. :failol:


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      I am pro-lsd tho.....b don't get me wrong...

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    Hello there.


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      People caught up in all the attendant **************** at a show often missed the boat. Even the band was weary of that **************** but hey, the hand that feeds...

      They had a working repertoire of about 400 songs, often pulled out without really any practice. The fact that 99% of bands- especially today- play the same set list night after night..,it would beyond tedious and is..,as to whether the band rocked, depended on the era and the night. You listen to stuff from 69-77!and it is really some special tightness. Jerry was a monster on guitar back then. Tat they became lesser players and began to rely on a certain amount of fluff was where it all started to fall apart.

      I ammo Deadhead, but I have seen so many bands in my life that I know the Dead, when they put it together, we're unlike any band that I ever heard. All those idiots at the scene couldn't ruin the peaking and amazing synergy that occurred. It was almost all Jerry's playing, as he was the guy with that juice so few ever have. Man he could play.


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        obama may soon outlaw ammo deadheads...    please be careful....