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Is America hooked on violence?

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  • Is America hooked on violence?

    I think yes. We will allow all kinds of violence in our movies and TV, but sex is still taboo.

    Our big hit TV shows are showing humans smashing "human" faces in, but it's cool because they 

    are just animated coprses.  Wanna bet the new Sly Stallone movie will be 10 times more violent than

    anything Rambo or Rocky ever did?



    And we wonder why ppl are shooting kids and neighbors, as well as family that they are fighting with.

    When I was growing up, seeing a kid riding his bike with a .22 rifle wouldn't have been unusual, and

    no one would call Homeland Security. The American ppl have changed. Desensitized to violence.

    We come to expect it, or we are disappointed.

    It's not a lie if you believe it~ Art Vandalay
    Free your mind, and your ass will follow~G. Clinton
    When the wise man points to the stars, the fool looks at the finger~Confucius

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    Hooked on phonics, we are



    • I Play Um
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      I'm going long on this one..I'm gonna reach....

      I think we have always been exposed to violence. The difference from when I was a kid and now..I was expected to be responsible..There were consequences for my actions..And I couldn't easily get away with anything.

      Its very easy to blame things we are exposed to..Perhaps we should blame things that some of us are no longer exposed to...Responsible parenting! Also a feeling of responsibility toward community .

      In our PC world everyone has an excuse for everything and it hurts us.

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    Hell no, and I oughta kick yer ass fer sayin it is :catmad:

    Tone is in the sphincter!! Pull my finger!


    • tuco
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      We ****************ing love it, and you know it. That's why I watch football, to watch black guys smash into

      each othe at high speeds. :cathappy: