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I learned a new word yesterday.

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  • I learned a new word yesterday.

    Hebephilia. Along with its derivitive, hebephile.

    I means someone who is sexually attracted to persons who are barely pubescent. So, if you're hot for middle schoolers, you're a hebephile.

    "The Web puts all of the world's knowledge at our fingertips; unfortunately it's mixed with all of the world's bull****************."
    -- Bob Parks

    "A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it."
    -- Oscar Wilde

    "No man dies for what he knows to be true. Men die for what they want to be true, for what some terror in their hearts tells them is not true."
    -- Oscar Wilde

    "It is a trap of history to believe that eyewitnesses remember accurately what they have lived through."
    -- Theodore White

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    One wonders how someone would learn such a word.


    • isaac42
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      If one were to ask, one might find out.

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    poast something...


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