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A pleasant sunny day at last.


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  • A pleasant sunny day at last.

    Nothing like a bit of sunshine and a blue sky to blow the winter cobwebs away. Mrs. BP made a tarte tatin for some friends down at the local wool shop. While she was there nattering about knitting and **************** I perambulated in a northerly direction along Main Street. I got some money from an ATM and then bought some nice monkfish for dinner. On the way back I went to a book shop and got the latest Railway Modeller magazine.

    Then we took a notion and went for a drive down to New Ross. There's an out-of-town retail park which has a fine pet shop - Mrs. BP wanted some more tetras and pepper corys. I got bird seed and cat food. The bird seed will keep the garden birds going as they'll soon be building nests; the cat food will hopefully allay our cat's tendency to ingest the birds.

    Then we went to a place that does fireplaces - I'm thinking of putting one of those cast iron stoves in the living room. I want one that's free standing so I can keep a pot of coffee on it.

    After that we went to the model shop - the chap has a new printer specially for printing waterslide decals and he's going to do some for me - I'm turning an old Hornby 3F into an Ulster Transport Authority shunter. I've already done one but there were two so I'll have both.

    Then she went to the doctor to collect a prescription and has brought back a bottle of wine from the off-licence beside the medical centre (we know how to look after our customers in this part of the world). I'm supposed to be off the drink for Lent but I might not have any whiskey...

    "Now you've opened a whole sheetload of pain on everyone here, with all your black pudding insaneness." - Zygoat2

    "I'm excited. Nothing turns chicks on more than a fat guy with a flying V playing Monkees songs!" - Sydfan

    "Phuck you and your pseudo toaster." - Silas Dean

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    LOL @nattering about knitting

    the world is your crabstick


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      It's actually very nice out today, sun and all.

      35 with sun almost feels like a heat wave