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    im outa was nice knowing you serious this time.i wont be coming back.i hope you all find what it is just your looking for.if any ones ever down this way,pop in and say hello.i will probably be able to knock up some sort of feed and a cuppa tea.just send me a telegram and i will get one the natives to pick you up from the wharf.chuR

    the world is your crabstick

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    It's not a lie if you believe it~ Art Vandalay
    Free your mind, and your ass will follow~G. Clinton


    • EddietheCartboy
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      I hope it wasn't anything I said in that drummer thread, some of my best friends have been drummers. One even dated my sister for a while. Then he finally got some, and dumped her.

      Anyway, happy paraflamadiddling, and don't ride your cymbals too much.

    • I Don't Play!
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      Wait! Don't go! We'll have to look up our own Betty recipes!