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Is this video funny or offensive?

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  • Is this video funny or offensive?

    Everyone seems to react differently to this video. Some people thought it was hilarious (like myself), but others were offended and angered at it... whic makes it even funnier to me. The shoppers having sympathy on them was just too funny... I totally lost it and still can't stop laughing.


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    At 1:11 a shopper turned around and watched the kid smash the gallons... and then still asked if he was alright. Hahahahaha!


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      I tend to laugh at such things...One time my wife slipped on some ice on the back porch. She  fell a couple of steps down and landed on her ass...She was OK but got really mad at me for laughing.

      Worse one ever...I'm at a pool in Florida...I'm wearing ear buds listening to a Walkman...little kid slips and falls in the pool....I'm laughing a saying the little bastard fell in the pool...Not realizing how loud I was talking cause of the ear buds...The whole place stopped and is giving me looks to kill....My wife loved that one also!:catlol: