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    Years ago I worked for a drug company for 9 months and was in their pension fund, which they paid money in but I didn't. Now all of a sudden I get this letter telling me I have got some money coming to me. I have had a really lousy year all of last year and the beginning of this year also and I was was always thinking that it would be good to have something good happen for me, and now this happens. I'm going to a nice warm place for a month or so for some R & R.

    Professor Tom

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    Good for you!
    Just curious, how much of that is going to Inland Revenue (or whatever it's called)?
    Let that boy boogie woogie. It in him, an' it got to come out.


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      and all these years I've been avoiding the blues :catsad:

    • Professor Tom
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      As I am going for the third option of a lump sum it is tax free except that 20% of the lump sum is taxed at 25%. The sum I mentioned is that figure after the tax has already been deducted. The other two options are an annual pension of