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We could be getting some decent amount of snow tonight.


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  • We could be getting some decent amount of snow tonight.

    Maybe even enough to call a snow day


    No one gets more excited about a snow day than me, not that I want to shovel more stuff.

    Wish me luck on a snow day/ guitar playing day



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    Looks like your dreams coming true...hopefully it'll miss me.


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      It is always wise to clear snow away before it melts.

      I've been itching to get out to do a bit of gardening all week but every time I open the shed door it rains. I think somebody up there's having a laugh. I have one of those garden strimmers run off a rechargeable battery (I don't know what they call strimmers in the States - probably something silly anyway) and it has now recahed the stage whereby when I plug the battery in to charge the first drops of rain hit the window. When it did dry up for a day I put my back out trying to operate the mower. It's a lot better now so I got a tootache instead.

      I went to a garden centre today and bought some primroses and violas as well as a bag of potting compost. We live in hope...

      If I can get the shrubs trimmed, the grass cut and the borders replanted the old homestead will look very springlike. Ould Blackpig (the Da) used to take great pride in his borders - people used to stop to admire them. I restored tham back to their original glory last year and once again passers by stood pointing and smiling but I think that may have been because I was rolling around in the shrubbery making farting noises and giggling. I do that to let off steam from time to time. I am also a member of the local railway club where, in order to let off steam, we let off steam.

      Time to put the kettle on. I'm having camomile tea.
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        no snow yet.

        timing is everything for a snow day







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      There;s nothing going on down here, but my boss cancelled work up near Hartford


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        now that's strange. I haven't been able to get on since the upgrade. so I made a new name. I was using it nd it converted back to ST