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  • just ate a mince and cheese pi

    so...whataya all think?anyone keen to give it a go? i dare ya! double dare ya and see ya! it was a commercially produced product made by Mrs ****************indg Irvine! its safe to eat cause the label says it is! it tastes good...cause it does.its made with real meat, not horse,and real cheese,not that yellow muck the give you in a merry car.even brian liked it.that on top of the peanut butter and tomato toast...and im ready for all contestants.bring it on nancy boys! ya aint got nothing on me today!im ready,willing, and able , so give it ya best shot! c,mon! waiting...

    the world is your crabstick

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    I just googled that and it looks delicious. New Zealand is far enough from Europe to avoid having its food contaminated with dead horse by meat companies run by politicians' brothers.
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      not exactly delicious BP. googled mrs****************ingirvine? you probably went to some porn sight.