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its easter sunday


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  • its easter sunday

    the bloody supermarket is closed. so that means no sunday roast.not that i was going to anyway.seen the price of a leg of lamb.outrageous,considering thats all we grow down ere! just as well i got brian her food for the weekend,although she seems to be off her gourmet beef slices in gravy today.thats what it says on the can.gor ****************ing may! can you believe it! she eats better than me.the town is as dead as a dead  fish thats been left in the biggest concern (being that it is a religous holiday) is that i have very little booze.however i do have a t.bone steak in dire need of cooking,least it go rotten.that with mashed spuds,peas, carrots,caramalised oinions,sauteed mushrooms,and of course gravy from a packet.from a packet i hear you say...well its not to shabby in fact. i may have peaches and boysenberry ice cream for i must watch some  people singing hyms on the tele.cher and holy doy.peace to all forumites and guests.

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        happy Easter! Coon ass!