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  • But a Plug for my new Avatar

    Love Coke!

    Free my Willy

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    14 views and no comment? Whats your problem, ya don't like buttplugs? I happen to use one at all times becasue of my chronic flatulation problem, and as the years have gone by, by sphincter has enlarged whereby i require the largesse of this particular plug, which is butyl nitrtae.

    Or is that you dont like that its black. Waht,' pink' would've been more conduscive?

    Or is it that you don't like Coke? Is there any fare better than Beefaroni and Coke?

    I'm not mad at you  all,  well, meyabe a little perturbed, but ey, we're family, right..I'm only somewhat  puzzled.

    Free my Willy


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      ew, Coke