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The wonderful "Choice of Deaths" threads #2

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  • The wonderful "Choice of Deaths" threads #2

    1) Buried Alive in a normal sized casket ( with O2 being pumped in to keep you alive as long as possible)

    2) Slowly and excructiatingly tortured to death in a henious and unspeakably horrific prolonged manner.

    3) Immolation OR  being boiled in oil like a salad crouton.

    4) Sticking a tube of aerosol expanding foam down your throat and spraying

    5) Forced to endlessly watch reruns of the Oprah Winfrey Hour.


    Thanks for your careful consideration, and have a pleasant good evening.

    Free my Willy

  • #2

    Race with the devil...and burn


    No longer Banned by the Geezer Gear Forum for liking pubic hair on women.


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      6) Heroin overdose.