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  • Hey Terry D. !!!!

    How are the astronauts prepared?


    Mars One Astronaut Training Program

    Mars One

    My HC Classified Thread

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    Dear Terry D.

    We are pleased to announce that yesterday at 12.00 pm EDT Mars One has opened the door to the Astronaut Selection Program.
    In last few days we opened the application website to a small group of potential applicants and asked them to be the first ones to submit their applications. Their contribution was really helpful to improve the application platform.

    Now it's your turn. You can submit your application at This is Round 1 of the selection procedure which will close on 31st August 2013.

    You can apply in one of the eleven most commonly used languages on the internet: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Arabic.

    All applicants have the option of setting their profile as public or private. We strongly recommend you share your profile publicly; this will allow you to promote it and develop a network of supporters. Also, your story is bound to inspire people all over the world.

    Mars One in the Media
    Mars One
    My HC Classified Thread


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