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is the pain scale a game?


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  • is the pain scale a game?

     they already know about how much it hurts so do they wanna know how much of a pussy you are or what ?


    on a scale of 1 to 10 how much would you rate your pain? ...TEN,.. GIMMIE SOME DRUGS DOC for my sliver

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    Well, in my band, I can take an indian burn like no ones business. Everyone else wimps out.


    • I Play Um
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      I hate the friggin pain scale. I have and have had a number issues involving pain. I've gone through enough that I have told doctors to just run me over with your car if you cant help me.

      I know its just a little game to see if your any better as treatment goes on...but honestly there is such a thing as not being able to relieve pain...So just keep working on it till something works!

      Cause I'll tell you what...if you bitch you need better help...they'll point to those stupid meaningless numbers you gave them and try to tell you they did something that helped if the numbers ever went down. Yet what did that really mean?

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    EXACTLY... ****************ing retarded pain scale! 

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    • tuco
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      It is a way for a patient to describe thei pain without giving you their whole ****************ing life story about back

      when they were 5, and they fell off of the roof......oh wait...BEFORE that I was run over by a tractor,

      but OH WAIT! Let me start from the beginning........