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  • Hey Voltan

    Do you have a flute like this?

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    i used to have one like that but your mom hasnt brought it back yet...
    my p0asting days were numb bird... now im done... bye.


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      I know this gal that plays flute, and she has a collection of them like you would not believe. Metal, wood stuff, a couple of really big flutes that are sweet and mellow.

      She will show up at the Celtic fiddle jam on Saturdays. I have not seen her in a while, because I stopped going.

      My buddy Paul D. played too, but he passed from cancer last year.
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        I wonder what 45 she's playing along with? That record player has the Iron Curtain look about it.


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          Our Organist/Music Director at church plays the flute. I'm impressed. She's very good. Our bass player started out on trumpet. I can't play anything that doesn't have frets.
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            my latest flute is a futujara... there are only three finger holes... think contrabass overtone flute.... this one is about 6 feet long... based on an ancient siberian shepherds flute its like wiring a theremin directly to your consciousness... like no interface... this one was interesting, no learning curve... i just picked it up and began playing it, rather it began playing me and i was just along for the ride.... this set up is a single trip from the car. roland street ex amp, flutes in a map type tube case, mics and cables in the flute case... with one more map tube i can add another 9 flutes to the mix and still have a free hand to open doors... i dont care for this one as much as the first recording... the recording is better but i like the other flute piece better... but it gives an idea of some of the things this flute will do... oh yes, totally improvised as i had owned this flute less than two hours at these recordings...

            headphones!!! hard to hear whats really going on without them...
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            my p0asting days were numb bird... now im done... bye.