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    hottness: confirmed

    *note - a rare pop in appearance, in response to a proposed forumite get together

    *OJ IS CLOSING DOWN JAN 1, 2007* I saw the sticky with my own eyse. It was there. OHJ will be closed. Mark it down in your calendars.

    --Founding member of the OJ is shuting down 1/1/07 club--

    then i sharted and smeared it all over my butt cheeks to get the warmth



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      UPDATE... No doubt, CAT-5 was the way to go. I learned a lot.

      You'll be fine.

      CAT-5 is "balanced cable" [sic]. The pairs are meant for differential signals. Let's see if anyone can come up with the inherent impedance of CAT-5 and mic cable.

      note: Always helpful if often abrasive, Prog's last post on HC shortly before his death.
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        I don't come by these parts to much much B.S. and after finding out about some behind the mod's door stuff that takes place around here, I don't feel that it's a very safe place to hang.....although I do miss quite a few of you guys..........Sammy still 's Everyone

        I do hang at LR a bit...fell free to stop by and say hi, it's a fun place.

        peace all

        I hope all of you guys are doing well

        *note - another paranoid forumite?
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          women on plates! isnt that against the law you should prolly bury the body parts or just eat them becasue i dodnt think you should kill more than one at a tiem how can u fit taht many on a plate id have a hard time fitting myself on one ****************
          the only reasoning i have for having a kid is this... i wanted to be a milf


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            It used to exist somewhere, but I can't locate it on the internet anymore.

            You can find Dash's synopsis of it about halfway down this page:



            Wow, sounds like being gay has it's negatives....

            Note - From the classic thread, "How big was the last cock you sucked?"
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            "All I can say is, anyone who contributed to this thread, or even thought about contributing to this thread, including myself, is F*CKED UP!!!

            Originally posted by DrunkenMaster25
            I was just looking up for penile enhancement tips.


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              I'm crying from the laughter.


              Originally Posted by BarneyGumbel

              There is a guy at our office who's colon must take a sharp turn towards his back at the exit point. Every time he has used the bathroom, whatever toilet he used is unusable for the rest of the day. It looks like someone filled a 10-gallon bucket with sloppy mud, took 8 steps back, and threw the contents of the bucket in the direction of the toilet. To cap things off, he ALWAYS leaves the lid up, maybe to showcase the damage. Unbelievable.

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                you work in IT, no? figures...

                That's what I was going to say.

                I'll read the rest of the posts anyhow. I love co-worker stories.

                *note - from the thread, "God damn I work with some freakin' dorks" (chet isn't really a "gone" forumite, posted in Sept)
                *Proud product of a wayward egg*


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                  I don't deal with telemarketers, I have caller ID.
                  If I don't know the number, I don't answer the phone.

                  I once had to call and activate a credit card. After I activated it, they told me before I was finished I had to wait to speak to someone. I figured she wanted to sell me something else, so as soon as she said hello, I asked her if my credit card was activated, she said yes, and I hung up.

                  *note - Dreama is still considered an active forumite


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                    sometimes I shave my face against the grain just to be different

                    Originally Posted by Mikeo

                    it was pretty good weekend for my penis


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                      *note - still an active member, really


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                        my gf is allergic to birth control, and i hate condoms. abortions are a bimonthly thing for us nothing wrong with it if any of you need a good discount place to go, just send me a PM

                        Note - Mr.Strat, an OJ legend.


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                            I'm either voting Libertarian or possibly writing in Ron Paul. My vote is completely motivated by the stance of a candidate. I don't give a **************** if people tell me "you're wasting your vote". I'm always going to vote for the person who best represents my principals and that's usually a candidate that's a member of a third party. I feel Americans are wasting their votes when they vote along partisan lines. America is going downhill fast and the same people that are creating this disaster sure as hell aren't the same people that can fix it!

                            *Note - Shreddersteve is very much still active, but in the poli forum
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                              This post will automatically float down as I add the "departure posts" and will serve as the line between posts and your commentary.

                              Lock will be removed shortly to allow you all to participate.

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                                Now unlocked.

                                Terry D.
                                Telling Stories releases 2nd CD, see our WEBSITE! Please check out my GROUPIE STORY and Tales from the Road.