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  • Mass Shooting Pool

    Step right up....put in your prediction for:
    1. Where?
    2. When?
    2. How many dead?
    3. Shooter profile/motive?
    4. Type of weapon?

    As long as it looks like the right wing, the NRA, the gun lobby, and the easily duped are going to block any meaningful legislation to combat them, it looks like mass shootings are going to be a fact of life in the US.

    We may as well have some fun with it!

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    Your idea of "fun" is sick and misanthropic. Sad.


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      Originally posted by prolurkerguy View Post
      Your idea of "fun" is sick and misanthropic. Sad.
      thats what I say to people who watch The Bachelor and the Kardashians


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        Originally posted by prolurkerguy View Post
        Your idea of "fun" is sick and misanthropic. Sad.
        On a misanthropic scale of 1 - 10, would you say it's more or less misanthropic than the people who are willing to let mass shootings continue, without lifting a finger? - or better yet, people who actively block any efforts towards change?
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          Just when you think this place couldn't sink any lower.
          Roll Tide!!!!!


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            I like you OP, but this is not the most tasteful post I've seen.
            Hello there.


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              hey guys, if mass shootings are going to be part of American life, I figure the quicker we normalize it, the easier it will be for everybody. Just trying to help here.


              • Phil O'Keefe
                Phil O'Keefe commented
                Editing a comment
                No, you were just trying to troll... and you're lucky DM got to the thread before I did.

                This was in incredibly bad taste. There's nothing 'fun' about mass murders.

                I'd strongly suggest you don't start threads like this ever again.

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              I think it's funny and in no way represents disrespect for those who have fallen under the Second.
              George Washington was the man who never told a lie. Richard Nixon was the man who never told the truth. Donald Trump is the man who doesn't know the difference.
              Venezuela is what happens when you have Trump without the Madison.


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                I am closing this thread. Not only in bad taste, bur insensitive.
                "We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties due to reality fluctuations. The elves are working tirelessly to patch the correct version of reality. Activities here have been temporarily disabled since the fundamentals of mathematics, physics and reason may be incomprehensible during this indeterminate period of instability. Normal service will be restored once we are certain as to what 'normal' is."

                Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally used up and worn out, shouting '...man, what a ride!'
                "The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively" ~Bob Marley