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  • Speaking of..........

    ........buying the farm.

    ‚Äč17 million for Rolex watch that once belonged to Paul Newman. Has the world gone nuts? Think of how many farms could have been bought for that amount of money. Maybe Ned got it for his watch collection.
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    The world went nuts a long time ago. People with money will pay any price if they think something is ''worth it.'' One classic example is the great Tulip Bubble that happened in Holland in 1643-1637. Because certain colours of tulips became popular, ''investors'' bid the price of tulip bulbs to unbelievable heights, before the market regained its senses and crashed hard in 1637.

    More here:

    ...and people wonder why I take a dim view of the current stock-and-investment market.
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      and is UP $130/share right now.
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        and that will make Bezos the richest man in the world...