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why do dems hate american small businesses?

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  • why do dems hate american small businesses?

    Although Whitefish Energy only had two full-time employees on the day that Hurricane Maria struck the island, it claimed on Monday that it had hired 280 workers, primarily through subcontracting, in order to begin repairing the devastated territory's electrical infrastructure.
    The fact that Whitefish Energy is so small and obscure, and that so many other seemingly superior alternatives exist, has raised questions about the company's connection to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. Whitefish Energy Chief Executive Andy Techmanski admitted to the Post that he knows Zinke, although Zinke's office claimed that this is merely because Whitefish is such a small town, saying, "everybody knows everybody."

    dems need to learn that small businesses like this are the backbone of the american economy
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      Because they are so hard working like Whitefish Energy???????
      ~~I was not. I was. I am not. I do not care


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        Smells fishy to me.
        But maybe it's just because of Idaho's close proximity to Puerto Rico.


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          Their supervisor rate of pay was hundreds of dollars per hour. Linemen got slightly less. What could be fishy about a 300 million dollar no-bid contract?
          Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.