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What in the world is wrong with Alabama?

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    Originally posted by wasgtrjones View Post
    Not the football team. More specifically, the GOP voters in Alabama, who are probably going to vote for Roy Moore for Senate (the GOP primary vote is next Tuesday). This is the guy that has been REMOVED from the Alabama Supreme Court. Twice.

    He has publicly stated that the US is a Christian Nation, and therefore 'laws are superseded by God'. He recently called Native Americans and Asians 'reds and yellas'. He has said 'Islam is a faith that conflicts with the First Amendment of the Constitution'.
    Too much beer drunk while reading too many Bibles, with right-wing talk radio playing in the background

    Originally posted by E-money View Post
    Roll Tide!


    He's also running against a Trump-supported candidate I believe, and leading by several points.

    We live in odd times when the lesser of 2 evils is the Trump-backed guy.
    Strange days, indeed.

    On a different and largely unrelated note, I wonder how Hoddy's daughter is doing at university?
    Probably quite well, I expect.
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      Originally posted by stratosaurus View Post

      Despite all the moanin', groanin', whining from certain people, you might take notice that being not PC has been on quite a roll in politics lately. His conviction & his willingness to solidly stand behind them, may ring true with the voters of Alabama,...especially compared to the current crop of spineless, lying, do nothing politicians...including trump. They're hunting loyalty
      SteinbergerHacks' post accurately nailed it. Alabama isn't the only state where people are getting tired of activist judges overruling their laws, their votes & their lives. Maybe they want to succeed in getting some activist politicians on their side.........and according to them...make America great again.
      The problem the "non-PC" folks seem to have is that such freedom of speech works both ways. They want to freely be able to say whatever they want to say but are unwilling to accept the responsibility and ramifications that come with it.

      They want to be able to, for example, protest the taking down of confederate symbols and speak freely about what they think of the people who wish to remove them, but they whine like babies if anyone criticizes their actions or dares to point out the racist/bigoted aspects of their words and actions.

      And that they are now led by a POTUS who is the most thin-skinned bully to ever reach such a level power doesn't really help their cause as much as they think.

      It's fine if you want to stand up for your rights to dish such stuff out. But if you can't take it? Then STFU, Mr Trump.


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        Originally posted by goodhonk View Post
        iirc, emoney recently called asians, 'yellow' too. what is wrong with liberals!?
        Whataboutisms are your best defense today.
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          Originally posted by stratosaurus View Post

          . They seem to believe.......

          They seem to be so stupid that they are easily told what to believe.

          See what I did there?