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How The Transgender Crusade Made Me Rethink My Support For Gay Marriage

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    Three year olds? They've barely accrued enough worth to make it illegal to kill them. How are they supposed to understand and articulate the essence of gender.
    THAT'S what I've been saying. These kids understand innately what gender they believe they are long before you would think they should be able to understand that. I don't think I considered my gender much when I was three---but why would I if nothing I was believing was in conflict with what everyone was telling me.

    SOMETHING is going on here. This isn't they saw some TG character on a TV show when they were 8 and thought it might be fun to play "boy" and liked it. This isn't they decided they were gay at 13 and liked that so much that they "feel" they want to take it all the way and actually BE a girl. This isn't even that they like to play with Barbies more than GI Joes.

    Something is going on here that is putting their brains (or souls or psyches or however it might be described or determined) at odds with the physical realities. What that is? Nobody knows. Maybe something more than DNA determines gender. Maybe it's some sort of brain disfunction. But whatever it is, we have to deal with it based on what we know now. And a big part of what we know now is that forcing these kids to be what they don't believe they are isn't working for them.

    So now we've got these kids who believe they are a girl, dress like a girl, act like a girl, adopt a girl name, their parents and family all treat them like a girl and everybody---most importantly the kid---all seem to be much happier. Great! Except now you say they still must use the boys room. Why? How is this helping them? How is this helping the other kids? Why is "disruption of customs" so f'ing precious for you?

    So now "feel" is demeaning. So what are you saying?
    You certainly seem to use the word in a mocking tone. Are you denying that you do that?

    That he said he's a girl, therefore he's a girl. That's kinda credulous, doncha think?
    I don't know if he's actually a girl or not. I'm not so brazen as to be the one who insists it is that cut-and-dried.

    Several years ago I would have been more in agreement with you. That I wasn't sure enough about what was going on and that making the boys pee with the boys was just how we should do things. But we've learned a lot in the last several years. Again---I can't just dismiss these stories out of hand. And I'm not going to be one of the parents with a pitchfork at the school board meeting insisting some kid who believes they are a girl must pee with the boys because MY daughter might see a penis or be exposed to tales about kids that think they are one thing even though they look like something else. I know, that if nothing else, MY daughter will be just fine.

    Are you going to be as uncritical of every assertion from every three year old?
    The assertions that don't ever change? About something THIS big? Yeah probably. This isn't like the way my kid insists to me that she's part cat and likes to crawl on the floor and meow. For 3 minutes and then moves on to something else.

    In one of the links I provided that doctor conducting this study claims that in the over 1,000 TG kids she has dealt with, only one ever decided to switch back.


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      Well, gotta go to a gig. But pretty good post.

      I'll probably take a look at that and some other studies later.

  • who and what we are is very complex and not just one aspect of our being or another. its all of them together. to assert that it's just a physical reality is to diminish the amazing complexity that makes a human being.
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    • Originally posted by moogerfooger View Post
      who and what we are is very complex and not just one aspect of our being or another. its all of them together. to assert that it's just a physical reality is to diminish the amazing complexity that makes a human being.
      Then why can't the dips!its around this joint understand the best thing to do is just let people be? Why a bazillion posts when these people should be just left alone?
      The haters here could very well be in the group that attacks them. It's more looking for someone to blame for their own shortcomings. And we're talking about TG's. Shortcomings is a pun. Unfortunately the sick b@$t@*ds at this joint make it not very funny.
      Hate. Just hate what you don't understand. Blame them for all the world's problems. And never look in a mirror. Unfortunately just about every Conservadunce I've dealt with lately is in that group of vile scum.


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        Like my dear ol dad used to say:

        "It's none of your fooking business"