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O/T: Kanye West fans have no idea who Paul McCartney is

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  • O/T: Kanye West fans have no idea who Paul McCartney is

    Guess I'm either getting way past my "use by" date or else a lot of kids are just truly out of touch considering the fact that someone as iconic as Sir Paul McCartney is unknown to them. It doesn't matter whether you like McCartney or not (and not everyone does of course) but one would think that anyone who listens to music would at least have a clue who he is.

    Here's a link:

    And some of my favorite quotes:

    "I don't know who Paul McCartney is, but Kanye is going to give this man a career w/ this new song!!"

    "who tf is paul mccartney???!??! this is why i love kanye for shining light on unknown artists"

    I'm willing to bet they all know who Justin Bieber is, though!

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    Originally posted by GTRMAN;n31424311

    The hijacking of the Republican party by the religious right really did send the party into a tailspin of fundamentalism and black/white politics. It's really scary how it transformed the party.

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    On the bright side I still see lots of kids wearing The Beatles t-shirts.
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      There's no reason to assume Americans have a more expansive knowledge of pop culture than they do any other subject. The desire to improve, grow, and learn about the world is actually less prevalent than you might imagine.

      Ignorance carries no shame. The desire to remain ignorant, on the other hand...
      I can't provide a link because leftists removed it from the internet.


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        He sure got a lot of intelligent fans


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          Who and who?
          Guns Over People


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            Who's the new alt/troll?
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              I don't know who that west guy is either so.............................. Does he rap?
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                Most young Beatles fans probably didn't know who Rudy Vallee was either.


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                  Who's this McCartney guy on drums, bass & backing vocals? Maybe Steve Miller can put him on the map

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                    Wow! That song just makes me fly like an eagle!
                    Too bad "Paul Ramon's" career never took off.
                    He was good!

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                  My daughter doesn't know who Paul McCartney is.
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                    You must be very proud; she probably knows the history of Coleman lanterns but has no idea who the guy that wrote Hey Jude is.

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                  Welcome to the way generations work, geezers. Your grandkids aren't going to know who Tony Iommi is. And their grandkids aren't going to know who Keshia is.


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                    hahaha !! )))
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                    What is more liberal than this ?? )
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                      Yet everyone knows who this guy is:
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                      And even if I were complaining about Democrats in general, I think it's healthy to critique one's own kind
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                        Originally posted by jorhay1 View Post
                        Yet everyone knows who this guy is:

                        that's not dean!

                        foster brooks?
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                          My family and I used to drive from Toronto to NYC every year to visit my aunt and uncle who owned a restaurant in Manhatten. Several times when I talked to people on the street they had no idea where Canada was. That was 30+ years ago. There's lots of ignorant people on both sides of the border but I do believe if there was an Olympics for most ignorant, USA would win the gold for first world counties.
                          i like palin.
                          i think she would rattle some cages and that's what america needs.
                          ~ yumpy