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Drink Driving common in the US?

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  • Drink Driving common in the US?

    Something that I have always been curious about in the US is the prevelence of drink driving (rather than being totally drunk). You see on movies and tv shows about people who drive to a bar for a drink with friends and they drive home later. It's understandable because public transit in most parts of America either does not exist or is unreliable.


    So is this actually the case in the US?

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    Whenever you hear anything said very confidently, the first thing that should come to mind is, wait a minute is that true?

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    Could be common.

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    In most states, drivers are arrested if their Blood Alcohol Content is .08 or above.  The .08 is often required for a conviction of driving under the influence(DUI), but a lesser charge of reckless driving or driving while impaired, or some other charge if the reading is less than a .08 BAC is common.  A .08 BAC can be achieved in most men  around 90 kilos if they consume about 3 "normal" drinks within one hour.  However, this depends on recent food intake and the rate the individual metabolizes alcohol.  If a drunk driver is involved with in a fatal auto accident, they are often charged with manslaughter or worse.  The legal age for consuming alcohol in most, if not all states is 21.  Unfortunately, I have known too many friends that have been put in jail for a DUI or involved in fatal accidents.  

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