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Hey Jug Ears I thought you said al Qaeda was ON THE RUN


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  • Hey Jug Ears I thought you said al Qaeda was ON THE RUN



    Change Liberals can believe in...Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you.

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    Well, THAT answers my question from my earlier thread. -Adam
    Originally Posted by nicholai

    He seems to like bacon a lot......

    Originally Posted by Luigi

    Jesus probably doesn't love everyone, especially ****************************s. He probably wants to punch them but He won't. That's what makes him Jesus.

    Originally Posted by GuitarNoobie

    ...we should be talking about the national debt, the number of incarcerated citizens in this country(the prison industrial complex), the military industrial complex, the so called war on drugs and corporations/banks that are running over people and buying our politicians...


    • Tom Hicks
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      this will be as toothless an attack on obama as "benghagi-gate" was. go for it though.

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    Yeah..Obama's policies aren't doing much good but you clowns said nothing when Bush invaded Iraq, after which Islamic terrorism spiked and the Iraqi government became an ally of Iran. That is to say, Shut the Bleep Up. :cathappy:


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      Oh, Joy.  Burning@$$wipe has finally found his way here to start. hate-filled, bigoted, and just plain imbecilic threads. Kind of like someone letting loose a really odoriferous fart.

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    obama is **bleep**. this is what happens when u allow al quaida to kill american ambassadors and do nothing.

    expect more from emboldened terrorists. mobo seems to like it.


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      burningsg wrote:

      .... Four more years ....