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  • Gun control research

    Robo here...:catwink:

    I don't get the reasoning behind gun control research. I keep reading about how the powerful American gun lobby managed to stop federal funding for scientific research on guns.


    What is there to research? Any **bleep** moron can tell you what the problem is here, right people?




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    A lack of pie?


    • Belva
      Belva commented
      Editing a comment

      Research, if conducted by truly unbiased people would shed light on what exactly can be done to prevent further gun violence. Unfortunately both 'sides' will pick and choose who they want to do the research in an effort to have their own conclusions verified
      In other words, it will be nothing but bullshit

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    Work on the violence part, and leave the guns alone.

    You'll not only reduce violence of all kinds, but you wont infringe upon those who aren't committing the crimes.


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      trust...if the govt could have linked guns to higher crime mobo would be touting it..

      there is no link...but dont forget that this entire lefty argument is BASED in emotion...so logic and science need not apply.