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So, it looks like they are making jeeps in china now

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  • So, it looks like they are making jeeps in china now

    Dillybar 13 july 2008.
    "I do not expect you to lift one of your lazy fingers to find the proof that I am right."

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    Yeah... for CHINESE markets. Not for sale in America. 

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    • Davo17
      Davo17 commented
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      why not make em here for distribution there? cause mobo hates jobs.

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    China makes the best things


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      gspointer wrote:

      Those Jeeps are for Asian consumption and they will not be imported to the US.


      How many times do you need to be told?

      ?DETROIT (AP) -- Fiat, Chrysler and a Chinese automaker announced Tuesday that they have signed an agreement to expand vehicle manufacturing in China and produce the Jeep for sale in that market.

      The companies said the deal was signed at Chrysler Group's headquarters in the Detroit suburb of Auburn Hills. It was announced as Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. discussed its plans during press days at the North American International Auto Show.

      A joint venture between GAC Group, Fiat Group Automobiles SpA and Chrysler Group International currently builds the Fiat Viaggio and distributes models such as the Fiat 500, Freemont and Bravo in China. Production of more Fiat models is planned.

      "The expansion of the agreement with our GAC partners will allow us to unleash the potential of both our Fiat and Chrysler Group brands in China," Jeep President and CEO Mike Manley, who also is chief operating officer for Fiat's Asia Pacific region, said in a statement.

      The companies say the venture's next step will be to build Jeeps in China for the Chinese market. Jeep already sells several models in China, including the Grand Cherokee, Wrangler and Compass, but they are imported. Jeep has said volume would be incremental to start.


      Originally Posted by Papa Grizzly

      Auntie Em just piddled her knickers.

      Originally Posted by 55gibby

      It's OK that you're a dumbass... but it's not OK that you're boring. If you're going to be stupid, a least be funny

      Originally Posted by Hoddy

      First off, I'm not Hoddy, and secondly as far as groveling is concerned, probably about as much as Johnny66 or Daddysguitar did when they were banned.


      • gspointer
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        It would be best if all "American" companies could outsource their production to the countries we might otherwise be exporting to. It gives us a much better trade balance.

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      "landed cost" Davo.


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        I believe Davo has set a new standard for stupidity and business illiteracy.



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        It has been common since at least the 1960s for US companies to have foreign sales, but to actually make aircraft, trucks and cars in the target country, in some cases licensing the design, in others just allowing the labor and materials to come from the target country. In the 20s and 30s they did similar things with steam locomotives, particularly in Russia and Japan.

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          gspointer wrote:

          Hmmm......Romney likely lost Ohio, and thus possibly the election, because he made the same disingenuous claim as you.