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"You People" can be very cruel.

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  • "You People" can be very cruel.

    Today was the day that Mitt Romney was supposed to be sworn in as President of the United States.



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    You people? Racist.

    “If I’m not for myself who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, what am I?” - Hillel


    • bluzboy
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      I bet Ann spent the whole day locked in her room.

    • Opposite Day
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      Mickaroony wrote:

      You people? Racist.

      Yep, the phrase "you people" amounts to a plexor, or reflex hammer for the left. Say it and watch "racist" pop out of their mouths. Same if you point out that you're good friends with a lot a of black people, which is kinda weird. If there is a phrase that stimulates a critical though reflex, I haven't found it yet.