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  • slightly ot question for you all...

    hi all - so, just like you all, i've spent the last little while looking around the site (even beyond the forums) and trying to digest it.  my question for you all (i ask here because i post here) is, - are whoever `drives' this site just trying to turn it into another facebook/google+ type of `social media' privacy stealing, data mining site?  i mean, if you look around it doesn't really seem like they care so much about our ability to have our `community' with each other (petty as we may seem some days ) as about correlating our every keystroke, and probably selling it too.  isn't there enough of this shit going on already...?  or, maybe i just need to pay less attention ...


    p.s. in addtition i would suggest that all moonies avatars, past and present, be made into full page galleries that we could `view' at our convenience ...

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    Moonie's avatars, yeah.


    Infragreen's, too.  The one with Junior Brown.


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